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“The black and white images shown here are phenomenal in their visual aesthetics and powerful narrative. The photographer’s thorough exploration of abandoned industry mixed with rich cultural substance raises the bar for what constitutes contemporary documentary photography.” – Photo-eye

In late November 2010 I was at Arti Grafiche Bianca E Volta SRL, in the small village of Truccazzano, Italy (not far outside of Milan), watching the pages of my new monograph whiz through those wonderful Heidelberg presses. With me were Giuseppe Liverani, owner/publisher of Charta Art Books (Edizioni Charta), and Taj Forer and Michael Itkoff of the Daylight Foundation (as in Daylight Magazine).

Charta and Daylight are the co-publishers, and the book is being distributed by D.A.P. I have posted the front and back covers on this website. The poet Kirsten Rian wrote a wonderful piece that was used on the back cover; Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina were gracious enough to provide an intro that made me blush; Andrei Codrescu wrote a smashing essay that serves as something of a sequel to his book The Hole in the Flag (about the Romanian revolution); and Taj Forer wrote the afterword. So with all of that great writing included, SUNDER is worth purchasing for the words alone…

UPDATE: We had a great launch party for the book at 25CPW in NYC – and the band Thomas Wesley Stern blew everyone away with their amazing musicianship and vocal harmonies (make sure that you rush out and buy a copy of their newly-released CD entitled “Hope Folk,” or get it on iTunes – it also has front and back covers by yours truly). SUNDER is now available through all of the usual outlets (Amazon, Borders, etc.), or you can order directly from me if you would like a signed and personalized copy. There has been some great press for the book thus far, so my continued thanks for all of the kind words and the many purchases! I’m already putting together my next book, and I hope to have it out in 2012, probably right before the world ends….

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